About Us

Our Mission

Social Lingo creates unique social events that promote the sharing of cultures, creation of friendships, and advancement of language fluency. 

Our Culture

We provide a one-of-a-kind experience that is extraordinarily fun and also broadens the global, interpersonal perspective of every participant. We invite you to be part of the movement!  

Our Events

Hundreds of language minglers have come to Social Lingo in Los Angeles and over 35 languages have been spoken! 

The magic of a Language Exchange Party lives in the language tags each participant wears. There is no need to be shy because everyone wearing a tag came to talk, and there is no need for ice breakers. You see someone wearing a language that you know or want to practice, starting a conversation is as easy as saying, "Speaking German? Me too!" or "Speaking Italian? I want to learn that!" 

And conversation flows better when everyone is satiated, and maybe a little lubricated, so we have food & drink specials available ALL NIGHT LONG!

Later in the evening, we turn up the volume and those looking to practice their different dance moves can salsa, disco, shimmy and get low. Body language fluency is fun too.